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Energizing Angola: AOG 2023’s Impact on Oil & Gas

 Energizing Angola: AOG 2023’s Impact on Oil & Gas

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Angola’s capital, Luanda, played host to the prestigious Angola Oil & Gas (AOG) Conference and Exhibition from September 13 to 14, 2023, cementing its position as a premier event in the global oil and gas sector. This remarkable gathering, held in collaboration with Angola’s Ministry of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, the African Energy Chamber, Sonangol, and the IRDP, marked a watershed moment, achieving several significant milestones.

Distinguished VIP speakers graced the event, igniting discussions that shaped the industry’s future. Notable luminaries included Haitham al Ghais, Secretary General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC); José De Lima Massano, Minister of State for Economic Coordination in the Republic of Angola; and Diamantino Azevedo, the Minister of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas in Angola. Guido Brusco, COO of Natural Resources at Eni; Mike Sangster, Senior Vice President of Exploration and Production in Africa for TotalEnergies; and NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, added their expertise to the discourse.

The conference also featured a momentous celebration of OPEC’s 63rd anniversary, reinforcing Angola’s commitment to market stability. Haitham al Ghais underlined the significance of commemorating this milestone in Luanda, affirming Angola’s pivotal role within OPEC.

AOG 2023 facilitated the signing of seven industry-advancing agreements, fostering collaborations between key players such as Azule Energy, Ambipar, ETU Energias, and Protteja Seguros, among others. Notably, the National Oil, Gas & Biofuels Agency entered into cooperation agreements with three prominent universities, fostering knowledge exchange and development.

The technical program at AOG 2023 delved into the latest trends and innovations in Angola’s oil and gas sector. Experts from firms like Aon Neil Genders, Energy & Power Marsh, MC Jurist, and Enerveo led sessions covering diverse topics such as contract performance, insurance challenges, cybersecurity, and climate-related risks.

The event recognized industry trailblazers with the AOG 2023 Awards. Winners included ETU Energias, Azule Energy, Sonangol P&P, and TotalEnergies, receiving accolades for their outstanding contributions.

AOG 2023 proudly received a carbon-free event certificate from AMBIPAR Environment Management, affirming its commitment to environmental responsibility. Carbon emissions generated by the conference were offset through tree planting in the Amazon.

The exhibition showcased the oil and gas industry’s cutting-edge technologies and highlighted the pivotal role of local enterprises. It served as a platform for project developers, service providers, and local companies to engage in meaningful exchanges.

Panel discussions during the two-day event covered critical topics such as decarbonization, diversity and inclusion, mobilizing capital, sustainable synergies, local content, CSR strategies, and youth involvement, among others.

The global reach of AOG 2023 was evident through extensive media coverage involving over 131 local and international media companies. The event attracted over 1,200 delegates from 54 companies worldwide, reflecting the global interest and opportunity in Angola’s thriving oil and gas industry.

Angola Oil & Gas 2023 was undeniably a resounding success, a testament to its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth in the dynamic world of energy.

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