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Singapore Land Tower: A Best-in-class Workplace

 Singapore Land Tower: A Best-in-class Workplace

Singapore Land Tower: A Best-in-class Workplace 

To meet evolving business needs and changing collaboration habits of their workforce, more corporations are looking to optimise their real estate strategy by adding flex to their traditional office leases. There is also a growing preference among companies to locate their offices in buildings with strong green credentials to meet their own net-zero objectives.

As part of SingLand’s strategy to offer a dynamic workspace model that meets the present and future needs of businesses, the real estate company embarked on a transformation of its commercial assets, starting with its flagship Singapore Land Tower. Located in the heart of Raffles Place, the extensive asset enhancement initiative (AEI) for Singapore Land Tower commenced in 2021, with works completed in phases. The building remains operational throughout the period of the AEI, which is targeted to complete in the second half of 2024. 

A Delicate Balancing Act

For its extensive makeover of the iconic skyscraper, SingLand adopted a sustainable approach of balancing aesthetics and environmental impact. Following the completion of façade works in the second half of 2023, the 40-year-old tower now sports a distinctive frameless look that stands out against the skyline of buildings in the central business district. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the new façade is made of high-performance insulated glass reducing heat gain into the building and creating a more energy-efficient indoor environment. 

Ample green spaces are also being progressively added across various levels of the building to meet growing demand for greener, more sustainable spaces and healthy working environments. When completed, the building’s level one plaza will feature a human-centric design – comprising lush landscaping anchored by a well-designed iconic pavilion that serves light refreshments. The building’s level four and level 49 will also feature outdoor landscaped areas, encouraging more social interaction among the diverse office community at Singapore Land Tower and activating new spaces for the hosting of events in a more relaxed and casual setting.

Optimised for Flexibility and Convenience

With the opening of The Exchange in 2023, Singapore Land Tower tenants are now able to complement the traditional office space they lease with SingLand with flexible space. Managed by operator The Executive Centre, comprehensive tenant amenities available at The Exchange include meeting rooms, private offices and co-working spaces. Those looking to adopt more environmentally friendly ways of commute are also able to do so easily, with the opening of a comprehensive end-of-trip facility complete with extra features such as an air dresser and garment steamer at the building’s basement one.

In addition to tenant amenities, efforts are ongoing to modernise the building. The building’s lift system was upgraded to a destination control system, increasing operational efficiency as wait times for the lifts were reduced. In conjunction with the upgraded lift system, the SingLand app was rolled out in 2023, providing contactless access of lift lobbies and gantries for tenants and visitors. The building app also helps to facilitate more timely fault reporting for better property maintenance and information sharing on the latest happenings at SingLand’s properties. 

Crafted by Visionaries

The transformation of Singapore Land Tower is led by award-winning design architect Maki & Associates, a global architectural practice led by Pritzker Architecture Laureate winner Fumihiko Maki. With the AEI set to complete in the second half of 2024, tenants can look forward to the building’s refreshed look, new community-friendly spaces and a more enjoyable workplace environment. 

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