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Singapore’s Mindverse Secures $5M Seed Funding Led by Square Peg

 Singapore’s Mindverse Secures $5M Seed Funding Led by Square Peg

Singapore-based AI startup, Mindverse, has successfully raised US$5 million in a seed funding round, with venture capital firm Square Peg taking the lead. This infusion of capital will propel Mindverse’s research and product development endeavors aimed at advancing its expansive personalization model.

Established in 2022 by former Meta executives and AI specialists, Mindverse boasts a suite of flagship products, including MindOS Studio and Mebot. MindOS Studio facilitates the creation of AI-native websites featuring personalized chat experiences and interfaces, while Mebot serves as an innovative productivity tool adept at learning and memorizing user preferences and thoughts.

Dr. Felix Tao, Mindverse’s Founder and CEO, emphasized the prevalent practice of individuals emailing themselves important thoughts or articles stumbled upon online. He highlighted the challenge of organizing such email threads and the ease with which they can be forgotten. Dr. Tao underscored the potential of AI in simplifying the organization, retrieval, and recreation of memories, leveraging its ability to comprehend individual thinking patterns and preferences to deliver highly personalized services.

“We are in the midst of a generational AI shift that will move from generalized language models to personalized experiences (and) it is rare to find a team the caliber of Mindverse’s tackling this shift,” said Square Peg partner Tushar Roy.

Tushar Roy also expressed enthusiasm about Mindverse’s pioneering efforts in navigating the imminent shift towards personalized AI experiences. He described the ongoing transition from generalized language models to tailored experiences as a generational AI shift. Roy commended the caliber of Mindverse’s team, recognizing their capability in addressing this transformative shift with ingenuity and expertise.

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