Singapore Secures Hosting Rights for the 2025 World Para Swimming Championships

 Singapore Secures Hosting Rights for the 2025 World Para Swimming Championships

“World Para Swimming (WPS) and Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) jointly confirm Singapore as the host for the prestigious 12th edition of the World Para Swimming Championships in October 2025.”

Singapore is honoured to secure the privilege of hosting the prestigious 12th World Para Swimming Championships, scheduled to take place from October 3 to 9, 2025, at the renowned OCBC Aquatic Centre within the Singapore Sports Hub. This significant event coincides with Singapore’s 60th anniversary, showcasing a historic moment for Asia and emphasising the nation’s unwavering dedication to inclusivity.Craig Nicholson, Head of World Para Swimming, expressed his delight at Singapore being chosen as the host for the 2025 World Championships, marking a historic milestone for Asia. The decision underscores the remarkable growth of Para Swimming in the region. Nicholson commended the impactful initiatives of the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) in breaking barriers for individuals with disabilities. This aligns seamlessly with Singapore’s commitment to inclusivity and fostering a supportive environment for people of all abilities.In collaboration with SDSC and other partners, the World Para Swimming leader looks forward to extending a warm welcome to the world’s premier Para swimmers at the OCBC Aquatic Centre in 2025. This collaboration is set to create an environment conducive to high-level competition and collaboration among stakeholders.Dr. Teo-Koh Sock Miang, President of SDSC, envisions the World Para Swimming Championships as a transformative event that will elevate Singapore globally, emphasising the country’s commitment to empowering individuals of all abilities. The support from Sport Singapore and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth underscores the significance of this event as a platform to enhance awareness and foster partnerships, aiming for broader societal impact.With the 2025 World Para Swimming Championships set to be an unforgettable celebration of diversity, athleticism, and community, Paralympian Yip Pin Xiu expressed her delight at Singapore’s role as the host. Pin Xiu, reflecting on the event’s significance, noted that she never imagined showcasing Para Swimming at such a global level in Singapore. She emphasised the surreal experience of hosting the best Para swimmers in the world in a world-class pool on Singapore’s small island.The chosen venue, the OCBC Aquatic Centre, is a testament to Singapore’s commitment to providing top-notch facilities for sporting events of international stature. The event’s timing, coinciding with Singapore’s 60th anniversary, adds a layer of celebration and national pride to the occasion.In conclusion, Singapore’s hosting of the 2025 World Para Swimming Championships signifies not only a sporting event of global significance but also a manifestation of the country’s dedication to inclusivity, empowerment, and community building. With key stakeholders, including World Para Swimming, SDSC, and government support, this event is poised to leave a lasting legacy, contributing to the growth of Para Swimming in the region and reinforcing Singapore’s standing as a global hub for inclusive and impactful sporting events.

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