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Malaysian conglomerate YTL collaborates with Nvidia to develop $4.3 billion AI infrastructure

 Malaysian conglomerate YTL collaborates with Nvidia to develop $4.3 billion AI infrastructure

In a historic partnership, the utilities division of Malaysian conglomerate YTL, YTLP.KL, will work with Nvidia (NVDA.O), a leading player in technology, to lead the way in the creation of artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure in Southeast Asia. 

With a $4.3 billion valuation, the cooperation represents a major turning point in Malaysia’s progress toward technological innovation and advancement. YTL Power International launched the project, which has the potential to completely transform the technical environment in the area. With ambitions to create Malaysia’s fastest supercomputers powered by Nvidia’s cutting-edge AI chips, the project’s first phase is scheduled to begin operations by mid-2024.

 Furthermore, YTL Power International will build a sizable Malay language model using Nvidia’s AI cloud computing platform, thereby boosting the nation’s digital capabilities. The project, which was exclusively revealed by Reuters earlier on Friday, will house supercomputers and cloud computing technology at a data centre in the southern state of Johor. The chosen location for this revolutionary project is YTL’s data centre park in Kulai, Johor. Through this agreement, the growing AI ecosystem in Southeast Asia will be strengthened by YTL’s strong infrastructure and Nvidia’s cutting-edge technologies. 

Additionally, it emphasises Malaysia’s goal to become a major force in the world semiconductor market. The nation’s status as a centre for technical innovation and development has been reinforced by a recent rise in multibillion-dollar investments from top semiconductor companies like Intel (INTC.O.) and Infineon (IFXGn.DE).

The collaboration between YTL and Nvidia signifies a strategic alignment of expertise and resources, poised to propel Malaysia’s technological capabilities to new heights. As the nation embraces the era of AI-driven innovation, this partnership holds immense promise for driving economic growth, fostering digital inclusion, and positioning Malaysia as a leader in the global tech arena.

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