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India-Singapore Bilateral Trade Surges to New Heights

 India-Singapore Bilateral Trade Surges to New Heights

In a testament to the strengthening economic ties between India and Singapore, bilateral trade between the two nations witnessed a remarkable surge, reaching USD 35.6 billion in the fiscal year 2022-23. This significant growth, of 18.2 percent year on year, demonstrates the strong trade links and coordinated efforts that are generating economic development.

The surge in bilateral trade between India and Singapore highlights the growing economic synergies and mutual interests shared by both nations. With Singapore emerging as India’s eighth-largest trade partner, constituting 3.1 percent of India’s total trade volume, the strategic significance of this partnership is further underscored.

Addressing the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) Third International Conference in Singapore, T Prabakar, the First Secretary (Commerce) at the high commission, provided insights into the trade dynamics between India and Singapore. Notably, India’s imports from Singapore during FY 22-23 amounted to USD 23.6 billion, registering a notable growth of 24.4 percent. On the export front, India’s shipments to Singapore reached USD 12 billion, reflecting a commendable improvement of 7.6 billion.

Singapore’s pivotal role as a trade destination for Indian goods and services is further exemplified by its position as the sixth-largest export destination globally. Similarly, Singapore ranks as the eighth-largest import source for India on a global scale, further emphasizing the bilateral trade significance between the two nations.

Beyond trade in goods and services, India-Singapore relations extend to significant foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows. In FY 2022-23, FDI equity inflows into India from Singapore stood at USD 17.2 billion, reflecting a robust investment climate and confidence in India’s economic prospects. The cumulative FDI inflows from Singapore to India since April 2000 amount to USD 155.612 billion, constituting a substantial 23 percent of total FDI inflows into India.

The deepening economic ties between India and Singapore extend beyond traditional sectors, encompassing emerging domains such as technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and green energy. T Prabakar highlighted the diverse strategic collaborations between the two nations, emphasizing Singapore’s significant role as a major source of External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) for India.

As India and Singapore continue to explore avenues for collaboration, a focus on sustainable growth and innovation remains paramount. The strategic alignment of priorities in technology, AI, and green energy underscores a shared commitment to fostering economic prosperity while addressing global challenges.

The increase in bilateral trade and investment flows between India and Singapore demonstrates the strength and endurance of the alliance. With the same vision for economic growth, innovation, and sustainability, both countries are well-positioned to utilize their synergies for mutual benefit and contribute to regional prosperity in the coming years.

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